Transforming the world into a better place for everyone.

HOOD is a cryptocurrency token platform that allows people to invest and donate at the same time. It is the future of investment: we’re not only focusing on individual gain, but also benefiting society. With HOOD, donation is made easier and more transparent, all from a dream to make a better world.

Our Story

Today the social gap is happening everywhere and often it’s beyond our control; as a result of natural disaster, disability, war and many other factors. It is something that could make people feel worthless, even when we know all humans are worthy.

Moreover, the definition of value has always been described through materials. People mostly seek investment that focuses more on the value of individual gain. At the same time, donation has always been perceived as something that is only for people who have already reached financial freedom.

We created HOOD to change this stereotype, to provide a place where everybody can do good and everyone can feel joy.


HOOD is offering future investment that is not only focusing on individual gain/profit, but also work for the benefit of others. The concept combines investing & donating at the same time.

In other words, every token holder who invests in HOOD will join forces to change the world to create a better place for everyone, because we believe that every good deed done together will have a great impact.

We use cryptocurrency as a powerful tool to distribute donations to those most in need, and with HOOD, we are trying hard to make that dream come true.

About Us

Our struggle to make HOOD a reality was not easy. It all began with our shock when we learnt that certain organizations, which we cannot mention by name, charge high fees (15–20%) when you donate money through their platforms.

Our story begins with the promise we made to make the world a better place. Our team decided to make that dream come true with all their skill, strength, and their innovative ideas.

Our Road Map

Phase One
  • Having a presence on major social media
  • Launch Website
  • Influencer Marketing
  • Presale
  • Have HOOD listed on PancakeSwap

Phase Two
  • Dessert Finance Audit
  • CoinGecko Listing
  • Cmc Listing
  • More Influencer
  • More Donation

Phase Three
  • Community Voting for Next Donation
  • Exchange Listing
  • Continued Marketing Campaign
  • R&D of additional uses for HOOD
  • More Donation

Phase Four
  • Open Partnership Program
  • Create our own charity media
  • Listing on major exchange



Initial token supply in the On BSC blockchain for lightning fast orders and minimal fees

10% from total supply will be allocated for development, marketing, listing fee and other fees.


4% is designated for donation, 1% for marketing, 1% to LP Pool and 3% is redistributed to all holders proportionately.


Donation will be chosen based on polling system. We will have a few campaign options to maximize the impact of HOOD community.